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Coming 2023 to Contoocook Village!

History, heritage, and a decade-long dream deferred will come together for Brian Cressy with the opening of Reed’s Tavern in 2023. The building, originally constructed in 1900 as Reed’s Drug Store, has a rich history as a community cornerstone in Contoocook Village. Enduring two major floods and changing ownerships multiple times, this building, like Contoocook itself, has withstood the test of time.  Now, over 100 years after the first stone was laid, Brian Cressy and late friend Shane Milianes’ aspiration of creating a gathering place for old and new friends alike, with a name that honors the deep roots and fond childhood memories of 16 Cedar Street is nearing fruition.  After a brave battle with ALS, fellow visionary Shane Milianes passed away leaving behind the shared dream of Reed’s Tavern. Brian has continued to carry this ambition and in 2019 he contacted some of the remaining Reed’s family members to share his plans for the revitalization of the building and return of their family name to the establishment. It is with their pleasure and blessing that Brian is now looking into the future with hope and anticipation of a dream realized, a friend honored, and local history celebrated, with the opening of Reed’s Tavern next year.

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